McDonald’s is making changes to its menu again. This isn’t particularly shocking considering we’ve seen the demise of several unsatisfying food items in the past. Anyone remember McPizza?

But this time things may be going too far and several people are convinced their beloved Happy Meal is about to become a “sad meal”. The changes relate to McDonald’s commitment to making their children’s menu items healthier.

Already kids have the option of getting apple slices or juice with their meal instead of fries and a soft drink, but now that the sides have been modified, the main course is up for alteration.
Yesterday, McDonald’s released the following statement on Twitter:

“Today, we are announcing our new 2022 global #HappyMeal goals. Over the next several years, we’ll be focusing on nutrition criteria, simplifying ingredients, transparent nutrition information, recommended food groups and responsible marketing”.

Apparently, part of this criteria involves potentially saying goodbye to the beloved item that made McDonald’s famous.