In the wake of another school shooting in the United States, many Americans are calling for changes to gun ownership laws and are seeking ways to make public schools safer. One father from Florida believes things will never change and has taken matters into his own hands.

Derrick Grace II has decided to homeschool his nine-year-old son, Derrick III, and his six-year-old daughter, Derrica, but their curriculum is far from what they would receive in a traditional classroom.
Grace II has created his own homeschool program called “Unlearn and Relearn”, where his children learn finances, cryptocurrency, the history of the Black Panther movement, and how to load and fire a series of guns.

At the young age of six, Derrica has more knowledge on handing and operating firearms, including Glock handguns and Uzi rifles, than most people. Her father has her practice loading and cocking her guns while blindfolded and distracted to prepare her for potential emergency situations.
It’s quite an unnerving sight watching Derrica handle her firearms and hearing more about her father’s unorthodox curriculum. Check out the video below to see it for yourself:

Grace II claims he’s “not a huge fan of the school system. I think they do a lot to dilute the mental progression of our children”. From the video, it’s obvious to see that his children are very intelligent, but his curriculum still has many questioning why guns need to be included.