Whether it’s the Summer or Winter Olympic Games, the competitions exist to recognize the sporting achievements of the greatest athletes on Earth. And from Joannie Rochette emotional figure skating performance just four days after losing her mo, to the US hockey team’s ‘Miracle on Ice’ in 1980, to the wonderful underdog story of Jamaica’s bobsled team, the Winter games certainly has had its fair share of inspirational and triumphant moments.

However, competing in undoubtedly some of the most dangerous sports known to man, and on some of the harshest terrains, people can get hurt – especially when they’re all so desperate to achieve gold. In fact, eight years ago at the 2010 Vancouver games, Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died tragically during a practice run.
It’s a testament to just how fine the line can be between being remembered for glory, or tragedy.

Now, on a day when all eyes were on Team USA’s snowboarding legend Shaun White and whether he could snatch his third Winter Olympics gold medal in the men’s halfpipe, viewers were reminded at just how much danger these athletes put themselves in.

During the final of the men’s halfpipe, the event was cut short when 16-year-old Yuto Totsuka crashed hard.