Beauty has always been subjective. What one person finds attractive, another is turned off by. Luckily, we are all very different in our own way, so our unique identity is guaranteed to be appreciated by someone.
However, model Sophia Hadjipanteli isn’t remotely bothered by what people think of her appearance. The stunning and striking Cypriot model, who sports a full, dark unibrow, is fully embracing her quirky appearance and people are going wild for her nonplussed attitude to beauty…

Sophia proudly promotes the #UnibrowMovement via her Instagram account, encouraging her 152,000 followers to embrace body positivity in whatever form. “The #UnibrowMovement isn’t really specific to just eyebrows,” Sophia told ELLE. “It is about accepting that one thing that others tell you, or make you feel like, you shouldn’t accept.”

Eyebrows have recently experienced a revolution, which can mainly be attributed to model Cara Delevingne, who made bushy brows chic, and Kim Kardashian who made HD brows mainstream. However, one brow trend that hasn’t caught on is the unibrow. Although, Sophia is working tirelessly to make the monobrow happen.

The young model’s unique look was the result of a happy mistake.
Bored of continuously filling in her brows, Sophia decided to tint them to save herself the effort. But, unintentionally, she turned them black. “My brother ran into the bathroom and first started laughing, then kept telling me it actually looked pretty cool,” Sophia recalls. Rather than be mortified by her mistake, Sophia embraced it and has tinted her naturally blond brows black ever since.