You’d be lying if you said you’d never envied some element of the opposite sex, or even thought about what it would be like to be a male/female for the day.
We are all fascinated by how the other half live, from being able to pee standing up to having bare legs on a hot day in the office. Maybe it’s just our inherent human desire to want what we can’t have, but there is something very appealing about being free from periods and pregnancy.

The users of Reddit would appear to agree, having come together to share everything they envy most in the opposite sex. Whilst some are obvious, there are other things you’d barely even think about…

1.  “Not having to always make the first move in dating”

“What I would give for a woman to find out what I like, carefully pick beautiful things to impress me, pay for movies and dinner just so maybe I’d f*ck her. Show up at my doorstep with flowers or chocolate and take me to romantic spots to earn a kiss or two.”

– @Lord_Malgus

2. “My ex used to complain about how much random stuff I can put into my jean pockets and how expensive purses are.”

“Pockets in your damn pants. Aside from good jeans and certain suit trousers, women’s fashion neglects the f**k out of pockets. Sometimes I just wanna keep my stuff in there and not carry a bag around every day…damn handbag conspiracy.”