Everybody loves the family movie classic The Goonies. It’s a feel-good story filled with humor, fun, adventure, and memorable characters. Sloth quickly became many viewers’ favorite character, yet sadly most people don’t know what happened to the actor who portrayed him.

Sloth was the lovable but disfigured man found shackled in the basement of his brother’s house. He was a member of the rival Fratelli family but joined forces with the Goonies gang in the hunt for the treasure.
Sloth forms a special friendship with Chunk, played by Jeff Cohen, who takes Sloth into his own family and forms one of the most heartwarming duos of all time.

John Matuszak was the actor who played Sloth in the movie, and before entering the world of acting, he was an American football player. The six-foot-eight Matuszak also took part in the World’s Strongest Man competition in 1978.

Matuszak did act in a few more movies, including North Dallas Forty, Caveman, The Ice Pirates, One Crazy Summer, Ghost Writer and Down the Drain, but none of his roles were as memorable as Sloth in The Goonies.