All of us Sex and the City fans out there still hold out hope for a third movie. Well, we might as well give up now because the rift between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker just got a whole lot bigger.

It’s a bit of an open secret that plans for a third movie were stalled because the two leading actresses didn’t get along. Parker claimed it was due to high demands from Cattrall, but allegedly those demands were simply for a fairer storyline for her character.

It makes sense. Parker, as an executive producer on the latter half of the series as well as on both movies, would have a say in the storylines.
Yet Cattrall’s character of “Samantha” faced a messy battle with cancer, a move to the opposite coast alone, and saw her love life fall apart in the end of the television show. While in the movies, she embarrassingly wrestled with menopause and is the only character who doesn’t find love.

Allegedly the very out of place birthday scene in the movie was a dig at Catrall for being so much older than the other actresses. It’s also plain to see that Samantha’s storylines often have nothing to do with the other characters, distancing her from Parker’s “Carrie Bradshaw”.