I have incredibly fond childhood memories of my local swimming pool. Nothing perfectly sums up my summer days as a teenager than hanging out with friends, bombing in the deep end and tirelessly trying to break the “no heavy petting” rule. (I never did…)

And for some people, they’re lucky enough to enjoy the use of a communal swimming pool with their property. For the cost of maintenance, people can sunbathe poolside and take a dip whenever they like – and this, to me, is a total dream.
However, for one woman and her fiancé, a day out at the pool turned into an uncomfortable, humiliating and infuriating day out – and it’s all down to her choice of swimwear.

Tyler Newman and his fiancée, Tori, pay an extra $300 a month on top of their rent towards the maintenance of the swimming pool in their apartment block inSeymour, Tennessee. It’s a wonderful perk, and, in theory, should grant them access whenever they see fit. Afterall, $300 is a lot of money (that’s $3,600 a year just to have a swim whenever they choose).

However, this is no longer the case, after Tori – who was enjoying a dip with Tyler and their two friends – was turned away from her own pool after warden’s scrutinized and shamed her “thong-style” one-piece costume. Not only that, but the following comments made towards the couple are enough to make anybody’s blood boil.