If you’ve never sat scrolling through your phone while taking a dump, you’re a liar. Back when technology didn’t rule our lives, people on the throne had to content themselves with less entertaining activities, like counting the tiles on the bathroom floor or reading a newspaper.
Now, you can use emptying your bowels as an excuse to chill out with technology. You can scroll through your ex’s Facebook timeline while sh*tting all over their existence (sort of) and even look at food to consume once your bowels are poop-free and ready for action again.
In fact, there’s actually a pretty high chance that you’ve already “dropped the kids off at the pool” already while reading this article.

However, using your phone on the toilet is a lot more dangerous than what most people realize.
To begin with, it’s an incredibly unsanitary thing to do. Bathrooms, especially public bathrooms, are some the dirtiest places around, and even when they’ve recently been cleaned, it’s almost impossible to stop germs quickly spreading around the room again.

Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., associate professor of environmental health, at the University of Arizona, said, “When you flush the toilet, water with feces and urine sprays about six feet in every direction.” And therefore, it could quite easily get onto your phone.

This means that your phone could be contaminated by germs including salmonella, E. coli, and other diarrheal illnesses. So even after you’ve washed your hands, you could quite easily recontaminate them by picking up your phone again. 
But it’s not just germs that make using your phone on the toilet dangerous. As one man in China recently learned, when you’re not trying to birth a human, pushing and squeezing for too long can have very serious consequences.