Child abuse comes in many different forms but generally, they fall under the categories of emotional and physical abuse. Basically, any kind of persistent behavior which creates some kind of trauma for a child is something that should be avoided at all costs.
Of course, kids need to be disciplined so that they can learn right from wrong, but the way any parent goes about this shouldn’t rely on intimidation tactics and unreasonable forms of punishment.

Unfortunately, this is something that does happen in many households across the world. In fact, one teenage girl called Kelsey was reportedly forced to cut off all her hair after she had highlights done for her birthday.

As it turns out, so-called “punishment haircuts” are being used by some parents to discipline their kids. Learn more about it from Dr. Phil’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Last Sunday, the young girl from Fostoria, Ohio, was taken to the salon by her mom who arranged for her to get blond highlights. After the trip to the salon, the girl went to visit her dad, Schaffen Frederick, and step-mom, Sarah Murray.

The pair were reportedly enraged at Kelsey’s new appearance and demanded that her hair be cut off as a punishment.