Candidly discussing sex with strangers is a situation that very few people find themselves in. For that reason, humans are obsessed with hearing each other’s most intimate sex secrets. If you needed proof of that, then a quick log onto an ‘Ask Reddit’ forum will tell you everything you need to know.
Actually, in most cases, it will tell you a lot more than you ever wanted to know as users discovered when the men of Reddit were asked to share what it is that they love most about sex…

1. When two become one

“When you come there’s that just-as-you-come moment like the striking of a match just before the flames start, and then you’re just feeling the engine of your orgasm, the prostate, and all the muscles around same spewing hot, thick fluid. Now, not only are you feeling warm and wet on the outside, but also the inside. And emotionally, there is no better feeling that feeling yourself empty into a willing woman …”

“And by empty, I mean empty. Not only is your prostate pushing all of its fluids out of you in warm, orgasmic pulses, but you feel your strength drain into her, your energy, you’re feeling it – from your fingertips to your toes something of you flowing into her.”


2. Right in the feels

“Sex for a guy gives you something you can’t get anywhere else is life, which is complete trust, love and acceptance; which maybe technically isn’t true, but that’s what it FEELS like. For that little time, you really are the stud or the hero, wheras in reality you are always the poor fucker muddling along in 99.5% of the time, even if you are actually pretty good at what you do.”

 – @anonymous

3. Short but sweet

Just putting the tip in for the first time, best part by far”

– @King-Spartan