Viral challenges are nothing new. In the beginning, they were an innocent way for people around the world to come together and have fun. The worst thing that happened to participants of the “Cinamon Challenge” was that they’d end up having to drink a lot of water.

Then they started to take on a more sinister guise in early 2015 with the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”.
It involved teens sucking the air out of shot glasses for prolonged periods of time in an attempt to imitate the cosmetic mogul’s famous surgically enhanced pout. This came with the risk of bruising from swollen blood vessels and potentially long-term damage. And looking like this:

When the “Tide Pod Challenge” hit the headlines in late 2017, many people thought that humankind’s stupidity had finally peaked. The ingestion of detergent was the most dangerous challenge to date, and it led to countless people being hospitalized around the world.
In fact, many doctors were forced to warn that consuming detergent can cause fatal internal damage. As if that wasn’t already obvious enough.

Now, hot on the heels of the viral stupidity of “Tide Pod Challenge”, there’s a new way to hurt yourself on social media!