There are stories like this one that make you wonder if evil really does exist. John David Battaglia committed murder, and it wasn’t accidental or a crime of passion or even related to organized crime. It is beyond understanding how he could have done such a heinous deed.

The 62-year-old accountant from Texas murdered his two young daughters while their mother listened helplessly on speakerphone. He shot nine-year-old Faith three times and her six-year-old sister Liberty five times.

Battaglia was the third execution in the United States this year. All three took place in Texas. If you’d like to learn more about execution in Texas, watch the short three minute documentary below about Anthony Haynes, one of the youngest people to ever be on death row:

The crime took place in 2001, but two years earlier, Battaglia’s wife Mary Jean Pearle had contacted police, claiming her husband had attacked her. He was on probation for this incident when the murders occurred.

Battaglia picked up his daughters for a court-ordered visit and Pearle went out for dinner that night. She soon noticed she had missed a call from one of her girls and quickly called back.

It was then that she was put on speaker phone and heard Faith pleading for her life. Pearle screamed for her daughters to run, but listened helplessly has their father murdered them.

“No, daddy, please don’t, don’t do it,” Pearle’s nine-year-old daughter shouted before Pearle heard gunshots. Then, referring to the 1999 attack, Battaglia told Pearle, “Merry F*cking Christmas”.