Starting a new business is always a huge risk. You’re really putting everything on the line, particularly in a financial sense. Some entrepreneurs will go to great lengths to ensure their business will strive, but how far would you go if you were trying to get your coffee shop off the ground?

Well, one particular coffee shop owner went down the “sex sells” route and is now facing jail time after a model volunteered to strip off and serve customers almost entirely naked.

In a bid to attract their fair share of red-blooded male customers (or just any customers, really), 22-year-old Arisa Suwannawong, who also goes by the name “Jaenae with the huge boobs”, served customers at Coffee On The Day wearing a very revealing apron.

Prason Sukkorn, the cafe’s owner, then proceeded to photograph the model serving customers.

Then in a video taken outside the coffee shop in Chonburi, Thailand, the Pattaya-based model proudly shows off her body while saying “the coffee is so good, they use plenty of milk”, before looking down at her breasts very suggestively.

The titillating clip definitely attracted a great deal of attention, garnering more than a million views from people all over the world.