It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend. Since the dawn of time, they’ve been our companion animals, and, in some cases, they have even saved our lives. However, they have also been subject to unimaginable cruelty at our hands.

Now, shocking news has emerged that a man in Georgia was forced to BEHEAD his own dog by a sheriff.

The horrific incident began when Joe Nathan Goodwin was at work on a Friday in December 2017. He received a call from his frantic girlfriend, Natasha Dakon, saying that cops had shot their dog, Big Boy, after he bit a neighbor. Needless to say, Goodwin rushed home.

Tragically, by the time Goodwin arrived at the scene, Big Boy was already dead, but little did he know that his ordeal had only just begun.

The cops on the scene told him that they had shot his dog on the spot because it had lunged at an officer and not a neighbor has his girlfriend had said. Then the sheriff’s investigator James Hollis ordered Goodwin to behead Big Boy.