Violence against the transgender community is rampant, especially in countries like Indonesia where police have arrested 12 transgendered women, shaved their heads, and forced them to dress like “men”.

The Indonesian authorities targetted beauty salons in the Aceh region where Shariah law is in effect. The operation was called “operasi penyakit masyarakat,” which translates to “community sickness operation”.

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia to have Shariah law. It was granted this ability from the government in 2005 as part of an autonomy agreement. Under Shariah law, transgender people are seen as having a “social disease”.

Police raided popular beauty salons in the region, targeting employees as well as customers. The 12 trans women were detained, had their hair shaved off, and were forced to dress in stereotypical male clothing “to turn them into men”.

North Aceh Regency Police Chief, Ahmad Untung Surianata, revealed detainees were transported to police headquarters where they would undergo coaching “until they really become men”.

What’s worse is that the 12 trans women were forced to perform a series of demeaning exercises, including one that aimed at producing more stereotypically male voices.

The police chief explained, “The officers also nurtured them by way of having them run for some time and telling them to chant loudly until their male voices came out.”