Despite the fact that we share a unique bond with our parents, the people who brought us into this world, we are rather reserved when it comes to showing them our affection in a physical way.

For example, would you ever kiss your mom or dad on the lips? Not in a passionate way, but in a way that simply shows that you love and respect them. No? Me neither.

It’s strange, isn’t it? We will happily kiss strangers on the lips after one too many tequilas in a nightclub, but when it comes to giving our long-suffering parents a peck on the lips, we cringe away. It’s not because we don’t love them, it’s because society has stigmatized the way in which we show our affection.

In most European countries, where people are more liberal with their emotions, kissing your parents on the lips is the norm and nothing to be embarrassed by. However, in countries like the US and the UK, locking lips with your mom or dad is highly scrutinized.

So when NFL star, Tom Brady, asked his 11-year-old son to kiss him on the lips, large sections of the Western world were outraged.

The innocent kiss was caught on camera as part of the 40-year-old New England Patriot player’s popular Facebook documentary series Tom vs. Time, which follows the sports stars experiences with fatherhood and football.

In the footage, the California-born star can be seen having an intense massage when his son Jack enters the room. The 11-year-old tentatively asks his father if he can play his fantasy football game. “What do I get?” the quarterback asks Jack, who was born in 2007 to Brady and his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.