Finding love in the modern world is easier than ever before. There’s a range of dating apps and websites that you can choose from, and, providing that you’ve got a reasonably appealing profile, you can get chatting to numerous potential baes in hours.

But one country’s proposal is a lot more appealing than the “Netflix and chill” your Tinder match just suggested…

Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This small island contains stunning landscapes, a surprisingly temperate climate, and is powered predominately by sustainable sources. What’s more is that it’s home to countless beautiful women…

The population of Iceland, however, is seriously lacking in numbers – although it has steadily been on the rise. There were 334,252 people living there in 2016, and in an attempt to boost numbers, the government reportedly began paying foreigners to marry Icelandic women.

It was no small sum that the government was offering either. Anyone who married one of their ladies was to receive $2,000 a month. There were reportedly more women than men in the country at the time, and the initiative was said to prevent an abundance of single women.

Iceland must be one of the best places in the world for a man to be single!