The election of former businessman and reality star Donald Trump as President of the United States sent shockwaves around the world. Having triumphed over an experienced politician and former first lady, Hilary Clinton, many people questioned whether he was fit for the job.

Now, a non-partisan site, PolitiFact, based at Florida’s Tampa Bay Times, has fact-checked the president’s recent State of the Union Speech. The results were so shocking that their website actually broke with the amount of traffic that their findings generated.

Donald Trump’s attitude toward the press was hostile during his campaign and remains so now that he is president. In fact, he used the phrase “fake news” a staggering 67 times from December 2016 to July 2017 on Twitter alone.

In fact, the president used the phrase so many times in 2017 that “fake news” actually became the phrase of the year.

The term fake news, according to Michael Radutzky, a producer of CBS 60 Minutes, is used to describe media which contains “stories that are provably false, have enormous traction [popular appeal] in the culture, and are consumed by millions of people”.

While there is no denying that fake news definitely exists in the modern world, especially as journalists are able to report stories at the drop of a hat online before the facts have been established, it turns out that Donald Trump himself is guilty spreading misinformation.