The true romantics amongst us all dream of our perfect wedding, and many of us will have it planned down to a T long before we ever get married.

We decide what song will play for our first dance, what kind of venue we’d like to get hitched in and most likely have an image in our heads as to what our perfect partner would look or be like.

Just picture the day: after years, or perhaps even decades, of planning your special day in your head, you finally get to see your adoring groom’s reaction as you approach him in your stunning wedding gown. You’re a vision in white, supposedly lighting up the room with your beauty…

As you walk further and further down the aisle, filled with nothing but excitement and anticipation, you can feel everyone turning to look at you in awe. Yes, all eyes are on you but no one’s eyes are fixed more intently on you than those of your soon-to-be husband.

With each step you take, your groom is beaming with pride because he knows that he’s the one that gets to take you home and that he is finally able to call you his lawfully wedded wife.

Unfortunately, while we might understandably expect such a reaction on our big day, it turns out that this isn’t necessarily the case at all weddings. Yep, this is a story of a groom who reacted seemingly with horror as opposed to glee and anticipation.