In the mainstream modeling world, youth is prized above all else, skewing definitions of young and old in the industry. Some agencies won’t even consider hiring a 25-year-old, let alone anyone who’s middle-aged.

That’s what makes Russian modeling agency Oldushka so unique and refreshing. It started as a passion project for founder Igor Gavar, who photographed retirees for his blog, also named Oldushka. His Moscow-based company exclusively represents models who are 45 and older, flipping the script and encouraging age diversity in the fashion industry. “Beauty—it’s a quality that becomes more valued with years,” Gavar told Vogue. Now his models are appearing in lookbooks of local designers and brands in Russia. Check out some of the faces of Oldushka below.

Olga Kondrasheva, 71 years old

Victor Sosnovtsev, 73 years old

Tatjana Nekliudova, 61 years old

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