We live in a world where beauty standards are consistently changing. Because of this, people are using social media to show that there really is no one definition of beautiful – unlike in the past, when fashions and ideal body types were largely dictated by the media.

One of the many people expressing their authentic selves on Instagram is Salvia, a drag artist who channels alien glamor.

Salvia’s looks range from being quickly bizarre to outright frightening, and they have seen her amass over 105,000 followers since she began to post her alien looks on the social media app in March 2016.

What’s more is that many of Salvia’s creations are genderless, something which has no doubt won her legions of fans now that more and more people are beginning to accept that gender exists on a spectrum.

In a recent interview with Vice, Salvia opened up about her extraordinary look and explained why she chose to alter her body in this way.

“I always felt detached,” she said of her male body, “as if it was just an ugly vessel carrying me around.”