It doesn’t matter how careful you are, in life you’re inevitably going to lose something which means a lot to you. Be it a family member, a prized possession or something with significant sentimental value, accidents happen and nothing is safe.

Russell McMillan learned that the hard way when, four days into his honeymoon in Fiji, he lost his wedding ring in the ocean. The incident, which occurred in 2008, could have been seen as a bad omen for the newlyweds if it wasn’t for an extremely coincidental exchange a decade later.

Russell, a farmer from Queensland, and his wife Alana truly thought they’d never see the binding piece of jewelry again.

Despite a frantic search of the ocean, no trace of the ring was ever found. “We looked for maybe half an hour but we truly didn’t believe we would find it in the ocean, we thought we’d never see it again,” 33-year-old Alana told Daily Mail Australia.

So it was a shock for the couple, who now have two young children, when they were reunited with the wedding band 10 years later after a random conversation between Russell and a work colleague shed some light on the mystery.

“About two weeks ago Russell was talking to his colleague Will over beers when they both realized they’d stayed at the same resort in Fiji,” Alana said. Of course, Russell told the story of his missing wedding ring. But this time, there was to be a twist…