Fitness blogger and mother-of-two, Sarah Stage, is known as the “six-pack mom” because of her incredible abs. Her stomach is so toned and flat that she barely appeared to be showing during either of her two pregnancies.

She posted photos to her Instagram account during her pregnancies and the internet went crazy. In fact, many speculated whether or not she really was pregnant, while others accused her of not giving her baby enough room in the womb.

Now that her second son has arrived, Stage is posting pictures of herself again, and this time she’s showing off her toned tummy just one month after giving birth. Despite having a C-section and not being allowed to work out, Stage claims she’s already back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

She claims the combination of breastfeeding and following her nutrition guide has gotten her back to her ideal size, but other moms on the internet are having none of it. Commenters are saying how unfair it is for Stage to look that perfect so soon after giving birth and there must be more to the story.