In the wake of the #MeToo movement, not only are sexual predators being outed and punished but so too are their allies and those who failed to support the victims. Currently, voters in California are faced with the decision of whether to recall a judge criticised for his handling of a sexual assault case.

The registrar of voters in Santa Clara County said enough valid signatures of registered voters had been collected to place a recall of Judge Aaron Persky. He was the judge responsible for sentencing Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner.

In January of 2015, Brock Turner sexually penetrated an intoxicated and unconscious woman with his fingers. He was caught behind a Stanford University dumpster by two international students who were concerned for the unconscious woman.

Turner was indicted on five charges: two for rape, two for felony sexual assault, and one for attempted rape. The two rape counts were eventually withdrawn and he was found guilty of the felony sexual assault and attempted rape.

However, while the convictions could have carried a prison sentence of 14 years, Persky sentenced Turner to six months confinement in the Santa Clara County jail to be followed by three years of probation, ignoring the statutory minimum sentence of two years.