Rarely do I read a story that brings tears to my eyes. For years my friends and family have questioned if I actually have a heart. While they bawl their eyes out watching yet another carefully choreographed tear-jerker churned out by Hollywood, it’s as much as I can do to even look remotely sad.

But today my eyes did an unfamiliar thing: they filled with tears as I read the story of a man desperately searching for a new kidney.

The man in question is 60-year-old Robert Leibowitz, whose story begins when he was diagnosed with kidney disease as a 12-year-old. For the rest of his life, the father of five valiantly fought his condition, but by the time he reached his 60th birthday he knew he was close to dying.

Despite a four-year wait for a kidney, Leibowitz, whose kidneys were operating at just five percent, was no closer to finding a donor who could save his life.

Aware that his life was coming to an early end, Leibowitz, who’d been spending 12 hours a week on dialysis to prolong his life, decided to take his family to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for one final fun-filled trip.

Determined not to succumb to his ill-health Leibowitz, with the assistance of his daughter, made a t-shirt for him to wear around the resort in the hope that he may find a last-minute donor at Disney.

For the six-day trip, Leibowitz wore a white t-shirt branded with the bold words: “In Need Of Kidney, O Positive, Call 917-597-2651.”

“Maybe it’s my advertising background,” Leibowitz told CNN. “I didn’t know what was going to happen. But when you get desperate, you’ll do anything.”