Now, you may remember the name Brendan Fraser, in fact, you’ve almost definitely seen one of his movies. He’s the guy who starred as the loincloth-wearing man raised in a jungle, AKA George from George of the Jungle.

But if you never saw that as a kid, you might remember him as the lovable Rick O’Connell in the action franchise The Mummy. Hell, he even appears at the end of the ride in Universal Studios in Orlando!

In fact, so popular was Brendan Fraser, that he even appeared on the television’s favorite hospital sitcom, Scrubs, in what were without a doubt some of it’s best episodes. (But I can’t talk about them too much, because if I even think about them, I’ll cry.)

Still struggling to put a face to the name? Well, that’s because this former Hollywood hunk hasn’t been seen on screen for some time. In fact, just like his character in Scrubs, Fraser’s career sadly died too…

But fear not, because Fraser was recently spotted walking around England’s capital of London this week. The only problem is, if you did see him, you probably wouldn’t recognize that it was him.

Brendan Fraser looked incredibly different as he was captured out and about in London on Wednesday evening. Wearing a pair of glasses and a flat cap, the once-loved and in-demand actor was a far cry from his career-defining role in the 1997 movie George of the Jungle.