Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you’re the most respectful human in the world or not, every now and then your basic animal instincts kick in. By that, I mean, we have all had sex somewhere we probably shouldn’t have.

It seems peculiar that we are so willing to get down and dirty in unconventional locations when there is an abundance of normal places we can get jiggy with it. Take a hotel room for example, or for a more modern twist, how about an Airbnb?

But when you rent somebody’s home, are you permitted to behave differently to how you would in a budget hotel suite? Should you avoid any frisky fun in order to be respectful? After all, you are living in somebody else’s house.

Does paying to rent somebody else’s space mean that you’re entitled to do as you please?

No doubt this is a question which has crossed your mind when you’ve rented accommodation through Airbnb. I mean, if you feel rude for putting your feet up on their couch, then having sex in their bed – or other places around the house – is surely a no go.

Luckily, the question was posed to Airbnb hosts on Reddit, so that we can all know what the etiquette is when it comes to renting their homes. Their answers may surprise you, especially if you don’t think twice to gettin’ it on in someone else’s house…