The majority of people start having sex when they are still living in their family home. This has the potential to lead to a lot of awkward situations – whether it’s having your mom discover a used condom in the trash, or worse, having a family member catch you in the act.

Now, one woman’s 11-year-old sister’s hilarious reaction to overhearing her having sex has gone viral.

Sex is an off-putting subject for many preteens. They’re only just starting puberty and the idea of a guy putting his ding dong in a woman’s hoo-hah is nothing short of disgusting to them – something which this 11-year-old decided to make VERY clear.

While most people would never admit to being caught in the act by a family member, Twitter user @SalsaWater decided to share this embarrassing incident with the rest of the world and it didn’t take long for her sister’s reaction to catch the media’s attention.

“My 11 year old sister accidentally heard my bf and i uh… doing the dirty last night and then we went out and came back home to this (sic),” she wrote.

There are two groups of people who are famed for their lack of filter – young children and the elderly. So instead of pretending that she hadn’t heard anything, this 11-year-old went to quite a considerable effort to make this fact (and her disgust) known with a number of signs.

“Y’all need f*****’ Jesus,” she wrote.