Child abuse in any form is absolutely horrific and unacceptable, however, some cases are infinitely more distressing than others.

The story of the “House of Horror” parents, for instance, is absolutely sickening and the more we hear about this particular case, the more tragic and awful it appears.

Details of the disgusting treatment the children suffered have come to the fore since the couple pleaded not guilty on Thursday to nearly 40 counts. These counts included torture, false imprisonment, abuse of a dependent, and child abuse. Furthermore, David Turpin, the children’s father, is also being accused of performing a lewd act on a child under 14.

Both parents have denied the charges despite indisputable evidence showing that they had kept all of their 13 children chained to their beds within their rooms and refused to let them shower any more than once a year. Part of the evidence that has since been recovered is the hundreds of journals which the children were allowed to keep.

The Turpin household was hell on Earth for the 13 Turpin children, and now recent footage has shown these children being rescued by the police. The children were held captive by their parents in what is now being referred to as the House of Horror in Perris, California.

This footage was captured on surveillance cameras and shows the children being led out of the house by police officers following the arrest of their parents, David and Louise Turpin. One of the children is seen carrying a sibling and another rushes to join her brothers and sisters.

Take a look at the harrowing footage in the video below:

These starving children were chained to their beds and tortured by their parents for years. Disturbingly, they were kept awake all night and made to sleep during the day, meaning that they usually went to bed between 4 am and 5 am. 

However, in an escape she had been painstakingly planning for two years, the Turpins’ 17-year-old daughter managed to flee through a window before calling the police. She had planned to leave the house with one of her siblings who ultimately turned back out of fear.

The 17-year-old was so malnourished that officers assumed she was a young child. After calling the police, they went to investigate the home (which they noted had a very foul stench) and found three of the children locked in chains and padlocks.

“If convicted of all charges, they face 94 years up to life in prison,” District Attorney Mike Hestrin explained to the reporters after the hearing.