History was made on June 27, 2015, when same-sex marriage was legalized in all 52 states. This was the result of years of campaigning from LGBTQ+ advocates and represented an important societal shift towards an acceptance that sexuality exists on a spectrum.

Now, history has been made once again as two air captains tied the knot at the military base where they serve together, becoming the first active-duty same-sex couple to marry.

The military is a place where diversity has typically been frowned upon and LGBTQ+ members have only recently been able to reveal their identities. Prior to this, they were kept a secret out of fear that they would face persecution and/or abuse for something that is out of their control.

This practice of LGBTQ+ people hiding their sexuality was the result of a policy called “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT).

DADT was a way of protecting LGBTQ+ people in the military as they were not allowed to formally serve until 2011. Everything changed when President Obama signed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 which allowed LGBTQ+ people to openly serve in the forces.

Check out the news report below, celebrating the marriage of Captain Daniel Hall and Captain Vincent Franchino:

Thirty-year-old Daniel Hall and 26-year-old Vincent Franchino met in 2009 when they were both still at school. However, it wasn’t until February 2012 that they were able to act upon their attraction to each other after the DADT policy was repealed in September 2011.