As we all know, the Kardashian-Jenner clan have successfully cultivated their own multi-million dollar empire. And this very empire comes complete with their own companies, TV shows, franchises, and products.

But make no mistake, they are a family like any other. Just like other families, the Kardashian-Jenners argue, they make fun of each other and they even take selfies when one of them is sent to jail:

Okay, so they’re not exactly your average American family… But the point is in spite of all the bickering, they always have each other’s backs.

It’s definitely not easy living your life in the spotlight (even if it was entirely their choice to do so). Yet the family everyone loves to hate have been going from strength to strength after nearly a decade as reality television’s most-watched family.

And yeah, it’s fun to watch as the sisters consistently find themselves in all kinds of dramatic situations, but that’s certainly not the only reason people tune in.

The reason we can’t enough of this family is simply that they’re an incredibly tight-knit bunch who will never stop defending and looking out for each other.

Check out the video below in which Khloe, outspoken as ever, defends Kim from the critics:

And now it’s Kim K’s turn to repay the favor and her sister. Once again she has shown that she will always have her sisters’ backs in every possible situation. This time she threw shade at none other than Lamar Odom, AKA Khloe’s ex-husband.