As someone who has been loyal to Instagram since it was first launched, I have seen a seismic shift in the way people use the photo-sharing platform. Launched in 2010, Instagram was a hub of grainy pictures of food, faces and fun. But in just seven years it has transformed into a complicated, commercially driven social media site in which ordinary people have managed to launch hugely profitable careers.

Authentic uploads are no longer valued by the ruthless algorithm, which controversially leaves a lot of users in the dark. It’s less about the originality and message behind your work and more about aesthetics, which is something that Instagram model, Natalia Lozano learned the hard way.

The Spanish star was famous in her home country – and around the world – for her honest snapshots, in which she promoted body positivity by embracing her curves. A self-proclaimed feminist, Natalia’s mission was to spread the message of self-love across people’s timelines, which have for a long time now been saturated with skinny models flaunting their thigh gaps in a tropical paradise.

Her upfront and open snaps had garnered the young model a highly-coveted 150,000 followers, whom she loyally included in her self-love journey. However, rather than applaud her for this achievement, Instagram appears to be punishing her after the page was removed from the site just a few days into the New Year.