We all love a good pair of jeans.

I mean, they look good on both men and women, they’re versatile and despite the fact that they’ve been knocking about the shops since the 19th century, we simply can’t get enough of them.

Now my personal taste in jeans is pretty tame – I have a pair with a few subtle rips but that’s about it.

But if you are a lot more of a risk-taker as far as pants are concerned, you might want to jump on this revolutionary new jeans trend.

The hugely expensive brand, Vetements, has formed a partnership with Levis, and they have launched a brand new pair of “high-distressed jeans”. And not just any “high-distressed jeans”, but those with a zipper spanning the length of your buttcrack… and then some.

Vetements is a Parisian “design collective” which presented its very first collection in the fall of 2014. They’re still fairly new but are very much making their mark in the fashion world.

But surely zippers are meant to do just that unzip – and most people have little need for unzipping their backside. So isn’t the whole thing just a little counterproductive?

Well, personally I can think of no other explanation than that fashion is sort of like art in the sense that anything goes – no matter how bizarre. And if there are people willing to buy these pants then why not?