Those of us who have been cheated on have definitely wanted to do some pretty messed up things to our partners and those they cheated on us with. I for one admit to having had very graphic fantasies about smashing one unfaithful ex’s penis with a hammer over and over until it was a bloody pulp.

But that’s just me…

Hey, don’t mess with a woman scorned! We might seem all pretty and cute on the outside, but trust me, women are hella powerful. Just ask Beyoncé. Lemonade anyone?

The truth is, violence is never the answer, and while wanting to have your ex and his mistress punished is totally normal, actually acting on those thoughts is quite another. Besides, living well is always the best revenge.

When he realizes his bobble-headed bleach blond doesn’t even know the capital of the United States but you’re now on track to become the first female President, he’s gonna wonder why he ever left you.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme but you get the picture. However, one woman from New York apparently didn’t and is now being sued by her husband’s lover for $5 million!

Charlet Sanieoff did not take the news well that her husband was sleeping with his real estate broker, Alice Bahar. Instead of kicking her worthless scoundrel husband to the curb, she placed all of the blame on Bahar and actually sent her horrifying threats.