Despite the fact that sex is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable activity, there are lots of things that can make us nervous about getting it on. Perhaps you get preperformance jitters with a new partner, or maybe you’re self-conscious of your body and are worried about having the lights left on.

According to a new study, 87% of couples surveyed claimed they were sexually adventurous, but it turns out that what makes people most nervous in the bedroom is actually trying new things.

Recently, Superdrug conducted a survey of 1000 couples from the United States and Europe to find out what made them most nervous when it came to sex. The question topics ranged from use of sex toys, to BDSM, to masturbation, and sex positions.

There were some surprising results! Perhaps most shocking was that 9% of respondents admitted to not having very adventurous sex lives at all, at that 1 in 9 couples revealed that they had not tried a new position in the last six years. Perhaps they’re just really big fans of missionary?

The majority of couples were most receptive to trying new sexual positions as opposed to adding sex toys or exploring taboo sex acts. In fact, bondage, S&M, and public sex topped the list for causing anxiety. However, three sex positions we’ve all heard of also proved to quite nervewracking.