In this modern age, we are more self-conscious about our appearance than ever before.

In order to fit in with the ideals that society has established for us, we spend thousands of dollars on products and treatments in a bid to ‘perfect’ our appearance.

Usually, such products will be used to enhance the appearance of our faces and figures, however, sometimes people set out to change more intimate parts of their bodies.

In our very modern 2018, we know some women choose to get work done on their privates, typically opting for labiaplasty in a bid to attain a ‘neater’ pair of labia minora.

And while surgery below the belt buckle for men is less common, some will go down the route of penis enlargement surgery if they’re very insecure about the size of their manhood (yes, it genuinely is a real thing).

Take a look at the video below to see an animated demonstration of how a penis enlargement procedure is carried out:

Now, a lightening of the skin in certain areas is also rather common practice – for example, an anal bleaching – but you probably know less about a certain laser treatment which some men are undergoing for the sole purpose of attaining a paler penis.