For many men, the size of their penis is a source of either pride or anxiety. Popular culture and a rise in adult entertainment have created a culture where bigger is deemed to be better, but that’s not necessarily the case – especially if your manhood is so large that it’s lost all functionality.

Last month, the esteemed title of ‘World’s Largest Penis’ was given to a new owner, 54-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, who claimed to have a staggering 18.9 inches of junk in his trunk. In fact, he wants to be registered disabled in his native Mexico.

“I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support,” he said.

Despite being incapacitated by his penis, Cabrera is proud of it and said, “I’m happy with my penis. I know nobody has the size I have in the world.”

The 54-year-old also said that he wants to put his penis to good use and become an adult movie actor. However, the majority of major x-rated companies operate in the United States, and Cabrera was banned from the country in 2001 on a string of “indecency charges.”

Cabrera knocked 47-year-old Jonah Falcon and his 13.5-inch penis off the top spot. Falcon was so upset that Cabrera had the title taken away from him that he accused him of cheating.

“The man stretched his foreskin constantly, from what I understand, but it’s normal underneath,” he said.

Falcon’s statement was a reference to the report that Cabrera had stretched his foreskin using weights, and now a doctor has confirmed that his staggering 18.9-inch penis is not what it appears to be.