The world of advertising is often an unscrupulous one. Companies pay celebrities vast amounts of money in an attempt to up the sales of their products, others opt for shock tactics to make their ads more memorable, and some live by the old saying that sex sells.

Now, a 25-year-old Thai model has been arrested after exposing herself in an ad for “bottom whitening” cream.

Nitthakarn Nunthasuteepat had made the video to show off the results of the whitening cream which she claimed gave her bottom a “beautiful pale color.” She subsequently posted the video online and it was met with outrage throughout her country.

The 25-year-old was subsequently arrested for “mislabelling” the product under consumer protection laws.

Aside from modeling, she also sells vaginal tightening ‘soaps’ and face whitening masks, but the cream could now have landed her a 100,000 baht ($31,500) fine, a year behind bars or, indeed, both.

Col Chanannat Santhawanpat, chief of the Consumer Protection Sub-division Region 4 in Bangkok, said the product’s container did not contain enough information about its ingredients, and therefore Nitthakarn’s ad was potentially misleading.

He also added that it could be classed as pornography because she flashes her buttocks.