Pregnancy in preteens is incredibly rare. The average girl begins menstruating around the age of 12, but for some girls, puberty can happen earlier and this can lead to pregnancies – the youngest of which in history happened to a five-year-old who went through early onset puberty.

But for a “pregnant” 11-year-old in Australia, the cause of her baby bump was a lot more sinister.

Eleven-year-old Cherish-Rose Lavelle’s mom knew that something was wrong when she suddenly began to lose weight. Like any concerned parent, she took her to a doctor who, after a quick examination, immediately transferred her to Hervey Bay Hospital in Brisbane by plane.

Even though Cherish-Rose had been losing weight, one part of her body was growing – her stomach. Despite her young age, this caused doctors to speculate about whether or not she could be pregnant, however, a number of tests revealed soon the shocking truth.

The mass growing on Cherish-Rose’s stomach was not caused by a baby, but by a colossal 10kg ovarian tumor.