Just before you start to get too comfortable with 2018, let me introduce to you something which will prove that this year may just be the weirdest yet (and we’re only a week in).

No, I am not talking about Donald Trump‘s latest tweet – although it certainly set the bar low for the forthcoming year – and no, it is not related to the Kardashian clan, but their continued silence surrounding Kylie Jenner’s supposed pregnancy is certainly strange. Instead, I am talking about crotch charms.

For those unfamiliar with the latest fashion fad, let me explain. Crotch charms are small, relatively discreet pieces of jewelry which you afix to the crotch area of your bikini bottoms.

Once in place, the dainty chain dangles between your legs making sure that your private parts are the focus of everyone’s attention at the beach – thus, a quality bikini wax is recommended before you commit to wearing them.

Created by BoDivas, a Japanese brand based in Tokyo, the crotch charm has had mixed reviews. “This is as dumb as it gets,” wrote one unimpressed user online, while another typed: “Any woman with this rubbing against sensitive skin is not going to be healthy there. Gross. And obviously a demented man’s idea.”