It goes without saying that no one on the planet likes to be criticised. However, sometimes we are forced ask for constructive criticism so that we can better ourselves, but this is only so we can improve and avoid harsher criticism in the long run.

But we humans are inherently proud beings, and no matter how much we know we’ve underperformed, we still despise it when anyone has anything negative to say about us or our achievements.

But some people are a lot worse at taking criticism onboard than others. And that might be because they’re naturally more sensitive than others or because they’re raging narcissists who delusionally believe that they are flawless human beings.

Luckily, however, most sane people won’t resort to violence because they were offended by a stinging piece of criticism they received. But, as with everything, there are always exceptions to the rule.

And one online shop owner based in east China is one of these rare exceptions.

The man quite literally went to great lengths to ‘punish’ a woman for leaving him a bad review online.

He traveled 530 miles to attack the young woman who was beaten to a concussion and ended up needing hospital treatment as a result.

A surveillance camera captured the moment the man, holding a bag, approached the woman on the street and proceeded to beat her up seemingly for no reason.