As this year’s awards season loomed into view, the entertainment industry was uncharacteristically quiet. The usual hustle and bustle generated by media speculation on who will win what has been understated and completely overshadowed by the dark cloud cast by Harvey Weinstein and other stars accused of sexual harassment.

The infinite stream of allegations made against big names in the industry, from Kevin Spacey to Ben Affleck, permeated the glittering air, prompting the exclusive walls that have long guarded Tinseltown to come crashing down.

In a desperate attempt to build them back up, higher than ever before, stars are now uniting to change the culture that has long existed in the industry. A culture where the rich and powerful feed on the vulnerable, a culture where your career success depended on your compliance with inappropriate requests.

In one of the first moves since news of Harvey Weinstein’s behavior was exposed in October, stars adhered to the unofficial Golden Globe’s dress code which required them to wear black on the red carpet in protest of the culture which had quietly underlined the entertainment industry since its earliest days.

This video will help explain the movement…

However, not all those who attended the 75th Golden Globes ceremony got the memo regarding the dress code. Here we take a look at those who looked brilliant in black and those who couldn’t help but use the opportunity as a way to get some publicity…

Claire Foy

Claire Foy was every inch the Queen as she stepped onto the red carpet in a Stella McCartney black tailored suit. The 33-year-old British actress, iconic for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s The Crown, combined the look with a fierce hairstyle and bold red lips.

But, while Claire got it right, some of the following stars got it very wrong…