If you’re anything like me, midnight on New Years involved a large glass of fizz and some dramatic changes to your life. Whether it be to diet, travel more or be a better friend, we are all guilty of having committed to a New Year’s resolution. For a majority, these achievable goals are forgotten within days, for others they are religiously adhered to.

As the second week of 2018 commences, we know that the struggle must be real. Your tastebuds tingle for chocolate, and your mind tells you to buy that new jumper even though you’ve put yourself on a spending ban. So to highlight just how powerful commitment is, and encourage you to stick with it, let us introduce you to Zoey Wright, a remarkable young woman who proves that you can do it…

When Zoey Wright’s weight rapidly plummeted from 140 lbs to 112 lbs in 2012, the 22-year-old was concerned. As a sports rehabilitation student, she was aware that her unexplained weight loss was not natural or healthy. Alarmed she visited the doctor, who delivered some rather horrifying news.

Zoey was told that her body was slowly shutting down as a result of her white blood cells attacking the healthy lining of her bowel wall. “I just cried. I cried a lot,” she recalls. “I could barely walk and sometimes I couldn’t even leave my bed to even wash myself because I was so weak.”