The Human Ken Doll has consistently hit the headlines thanks to his unrelenting plastic surgery addiction. Over the years, 33-year-old Rodrigo Alves has spent almost $500,000 dollars on his appearance, beginning with a rhinoplasty when he was just 18.

Now he is set to have his most dangerous procedure to date – the removal of FOUR ribs.

Unlike singer Marilyn Manson, who was rumored to have had ribs removed so that he could perform fellatio on himself, Alves is having the procedure so that he can fit more seamlessly into his trademark blazers.

It will involve having no less than four floating ribs removed by a Los Angeles surgeon.

The removal of floating ribs might sound extreme, but Alves has been left with no other option. He has had liposuction a staggering 20 times and was told by doctors that they would not perform the procedure again because it would be putting his health in danger.

Alves, however, claims that his decision isn’t entirely motivated by vanity. He has also begun to design his own blazers and hopes that the operation will help his career – assuming, of course, that he is the only person who models his designs.