Almost every device we own contains a camera of some sort, and, typically, it’s the most daring and unusual snaps which garner the most likes on social media. However, one man’s quest for the perfect display picture cost him his life.

Halil Dağ had been celebrating his birthday with friends when he decided that he wanted a photograph of himself jumping from a small mound on a cliff. In the shocking footage, the father-of-eight poses before things go horribly wrong.

The incident took place on top of a 150ft cliff at the historic Urfa Castle in southern Turkey.

As he jumps, Dağ shouts jubilantly as he poses for his birthday photograph, and, at first, it appears that the only thing that is going to be harmed is the Kurdish man’s pride when he stumbles over onto a relatively flat surface after jumping.

Then, things took a dramatic turn for the worst, and he somehow managed to roll off of the 150ft cliff. His friend can be heard repeatedly shouting “No!” in the background of the video as Dağ desperately tried to cling to something to prevent his fall.

His friend who was filming the incident rushed to his aid, but it was to no avail. Further footage subsequently emerged of the fall he took down the cliff. Dağ was found at the bottom in a critical condition and rushed to a hospital where he later died from his injuries.

Warning: Some readers may find the following video distressing.

His heartbroken family interred his body at the local Abdurrahman Dede Cemetery, The Sun reported.