Tinder is the app you want to use if you’re looking to socialize, find dates, hook up with someone, or, in this guy’s case, troll the living hell out of every woman you’re matched with.

You could say that Redditor datflashyguy has a way with the ladies — at least, when it comes to eliciting a response from them. While other dudes’ messages to women are full of compliments about their appearances or the usual “getting to know you” questions, datflashyguy is out there stirring up hilarious (and pretty odd) banter with any woman who will message him back.

He may not be snagging a date anytime soon with his bizarre sweet talk, but he’s definitely making all of us laugh. So watch out, ladies of Tinder, because this guy is on the prowl and ready to troll you if he gets the chance.

Check out some of the funniest conversations he’s had on the app thus far. He sure has a way with words!

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