For a majority of the population, Lego is just a plaything. While the colorful building blocks have inspired multiple generations to get creative they have also resulted in a shocking amount of trips to the ER. Embedded into the bottom of feet around the world, the pesky plastic pieces are only marginally less dangerous than shards of glass. However, for one particularly inventive teenager, Lego has revolutionized his life.

David Aguilar’s right arm never properly developed after birth, leaving the 18-year-old student with the use of only one hand. But, he didn’t let this stop him from experimenting with the popular, yet intricate, building blocks.

The impressive teen, from Andorra, a small principality between France and Spain, has been able to use his ingenuity to create himself a functioning prosthetic arm out of Lego.

“When I move the arm, the hand opens and closes, which allows me to get things,” the technology student proudly explains. “With what was a toy I have managed to get my dream done.”

Aguilar evidently has an abundance of talent for tricky technology, so it is reassuring to learn that he is currently studying the subject with the hope of becoming an aeronautical engineer.

According to his father, Aguilar has been playing with Lego since he was a child. However, he was unaware that his son was using the plastic pieces to craft himself a prosthetic arm. Instead, he surprised him with the creation.

Not only did he surprise his family, but also Lego themselves. After Aguilar’s father posted a short video of the contraption to Lego’s Facebook page, the overwhelmed Danish brand responded with glowing pride.

“You have left us without words,” a spokesperson for the company wrote. “The strength, tenacity of David are the things making us proud,” they typed, before adding: “We want to keep giving chances to all children in the world to have access to our bricks.”

Evidently, Lego’s amazement was echoed by people across the world who were quick to comment their pleasure that Aguilar had been able to create such an important piece of equipment from the building blocks, which are marketed as a toy.

No doubt we will be hearing Aguilar’s name again in the future once he’s dominated the technology industry with his careful crafts, so watch this space!