If there is anything that 2017 has taught us, it is that secrets are always exposed in the end – just ask Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey. With that in mind, it is only a matter of time before Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenners’ pregnancy rumors are confirmed once and for all.

When you consider that the past few months have seen the headlines saturated with scandalous stories, from stars accused of sexual misconduct to politicians with questionable connections, it is no surprise that that fame hungry, headline demanding reality stars have postponed their pregnancy announcements.

But as the weeks of speculation blend into months, people are beginning to wonder if we’ve all been led down the garden path by the family who’ve been accused of staging a wedding for publicity and ripping off other people’s designs to line their own pockets.

This week, Kylie Jenner‘s army of loyal fans were debating whether the 20-year-old lipstick mogul was hinting the sex of her baby after she flooded her Instagram timeline with subtle pink snaps.

Meanwhile, Khloe’s fans were desperately trying to establish if the 33-year-old was with child or not after she posted several pictures of her looking streamlined in a slinky black sweatsuit.

“I see no bump,” wrote one perplexed follower, while questioningly typed: “I don’t see a bump…. old photo?”

Khloe added to the confusion when she added her own cryptic comment to the mix, leaving fans in a state of near hysteria.