Pole dancing has long been associated with strippers. Men have typically parted with hundreds if not thousands of dollars to see scantily clad women seductively dance around poles, which has given this particular combination of dance and acrobatics a seedy reputation.

But in recent years, it’s become a popular form of exercise because it requires considerable upper-body strength.

Despite this, those who pole dance have to contend with comparisons to adult entertainers, and this is why this father-daughter pole dancing duo has divided opinions. After all, it’s probably the last thing in the world you’d expect a father and daughter to do together.

Fifty-two-year-old Dave and his 27-year-old daughter Hazel took up pole dancing as a hobby together some years ago. They’re now so skilled that they’re opening a studio with 14ft poles in Gloucestershire, England, to teach others how to pole dance full time.

However, when they decided to share their talent with the world on the popular British reality TV show Britain’s Got Talent, the judges simply couldn’t see past the fact that they were father and daughter and the two were buzzed off the stage.

“If you can’t trust your own dad not to drop you, who can you trust?” Hazel said. “I’ve had other people suggest that I work with them, but I think to myself ‘Not a chance’. I wouldn’t feel so comfortable or safe because they would not know my balance points like my dad does.”

You can watch the pair in action below: